Partnering with companies that make the world a better place


Private Equity Investors

Over 75% of our clients are either private investors who concentrate on middle market or early stage companies; or middle market companies with private equity backing. You are often our most demanding and our most rewarding clients. We find the very focused timetables and strategy of your world to be a strong fit with our approach to our work; and as entrepreneurs, we share your ownership mentality. We have a strong track record of successfully working across a range of industries, with a significant concentration in the broader environmental market. We are known for our ability to identify and attract those leaders who will actually thrive in the more focused and entrepreneurial reality of middle market or early stage companies. We have strong relationships with key talent who have demonstrated a commitment to this market and who have repeatedly succeeded in leading companies that meet or exceed investor expectations. We are able to leverage these relationships on your behalf.

In addition to filling C-level positions in portfolio companies, we also have worked with our private equity clients to fill key positions within their firms. This includes filling key Managing Director roles and identifying and attracting talent capable of supporting the deal sourcing activity so critical to your success.

Middle Market

At Haywood Search, our sweet spot is working with middle market companies who are engaged in a high growth strategy and who are often connected with outside investors. Although we move very comfortably across a range of industries, from Medical Devices, to Clean Tech / Renewable Energies to On-line Travel, we have a strong concentration in manufacturing companies in the $35MM to $400MM range.

Large Corporations

With over 15 years experience recruiting executives into Fortune 500 companies, across a range of industries, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with levels of service that are among the best in the industry.. We deliver the sophisticated and efficient search processes required in your world. We are especially interested in working with corporations with a demonstrated commitment to environmental responsibility and socially responsible business practices. We will locate, assess and attract talent to your organization that is capable of driving results and business performance in the current role and who can continue to grow to meet future challenges.


Retained Executive Search

Haywood Search is a generalist boutique firm with a successful track record across a wide range of industries and C- level placements, with a growing concentration in the broader environmental market. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and deliver the highest level of consultative executive search services in the industry. We are committed to learning your business, understanding your current and future challenges, and bringing you the executive talent that drives your growth and profitability. Our processes are efficient and transparent, our assessment capabilities are robust and can be tailored to fit your organizational expectations and our reference checking is thorough and value added. We are best suited to working with clients who seek to establish ongoing, strategic partnerships with search professionals.

Talent Relationship Management

We offer our private equity clients a suite of Talent Relationship Management (TRM) products and services that help you manage your relationship with exceptional talent.

  • Talent Relationship Database

    We understand your need to take advantage of your extensive personal networks and the flow of talent that knocks on your door. With the TRM database you can capture and categorize this talent in a simple and cost-effective manner. This web-based solution is designed to do what you need, and no more than you need.

  • Talent Relationship Management Process

    We will also manage the process of establishing key relationships with relevant talent. We will work with you to understand the current and future needs within your portfolio companies, connect with relevant talent within your network or those who contact you directly, understand their interests and capabilities and get them into your database in a robust manner. We have found that this solution enables our clients to successfully fill C-level positions directly, rather than through executive search.